Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Other People's Places-- Matt and Carrie's Revisited

I like my houses like I like my friends-- a little bit weird.  Boring might never offend, but it doesn't excite either. Sometimes I think I should clear my house out and paint the walls white and give everything room to breathe, but then I think about actually getting rid of things I love, and I think about the houses I like to visit the most, the one's that are filled to the brink with gifts and memories and tales and travel, and I determine that minimalism might work for some, but it isn't really my style despite all its seeming advantages.

Matt and Carrie's house isn't for everyone, but I would so much rather find a framed photo of Willie Nelson giving me the finger when I go to the bathroom than I would a perfectly designed living room that looks like it came from the pages of Kinfolk Magazine (sorry Kinfolk, but your interiors bore me.)

I've taken pictures of their house before, but like the best / weirdest houses, I'm always discovering little bits and pieces that I amuse me. And maybe next time I'm up there I can convince her sister to let me take pictures of her house because apparently making cool spaces is a part of the family code.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite is the endless granny square, draped on the chair, in front of the staircase. I can't wait to have my house covered in granny squares. What a neat place :)