Monday, April 6, 2015

The First Month

I have fed you and slept with you. I have danced with you, strapped you to my chest while I hung laundry. I have carried you to the beach, kissed tears from your checks, sung you my very favorite folk songs. 

We have looked into each other's eyes. We have breathed deeply of each other's scents. We have awoken each other with our stretches and sighs.

You are mine, sweet Alamae. I am yours. We will break each other's hearts. We will heal each other's wounds. We will laugh together, yell at one another, be disappointed by each other, but always, always, I will be your mother. I will love you with every inch of my being. I will love you with a fierceness you are only likely to understand once you love your own daughter or son. Always and forever, I will love you. I will love you. I will love you. 


  1. the sweetness. love this post.

    1. Thanks Margo. I'm feeling all the feelings these days.

  2. Ah, such sweet photos - and words. And, really, love is all she needs.

  3. what a little peach blossom! I love her too and I'm not even the one inhaling her and kissing her every day. You've done a beautiful thing creating this child and I am so glad to know the honor of motherhood and to feel these words with every bit of myself.

  4. love them crinkly feets! she's got great details.