Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break

Summer trips to Ocracoke have a routine. Every day looks like the last. We drive right off the main ramp and meet our summer friends to dig giant holes, cast nets, surf, eat snacks, and get back home for showers and dinner.  You don't question the routine. You don't eat until Ms Kathy calls everyone over. You don't try out new beaches. You don't set up volleyball or bring music. You do what we've always done. And I'm happy to do it.

But the beauty of spring break is that there is no set routine. We aren't ruled by tradition. Mornings started with long, slow trips to the coffee shop for fruit smoothies, day old muffins, and iced coffees. We spent two warm days on Springer's Point, playing on lichen covered live oaks and wading into the water in various states of undress. One day we drove out to our summer beach to explore the dunes. We spent lots of time on the school playground swinging and sliding. Sena and Gus set off on their bikes during free moments.

It was the epitome of relaxing. Vacationing with my mom spoils me. She does all the laundry and most of the dishes. She is quick to hand the kids a turkey and cheese wrap up, spray them with bug spray, or proffer a Bandaid.  She is even quicker to pick up checks, which makes me feel one part guilty to three parts grateful. To top it all off, she always has the makings of gin and tonic on hand, and I've come to discover that a gin and tonic sipped on a screen porch just tastes better.


  1. What a perfectly lovely, laid back place... And a wonderful Mum.

  2. oh my goodness BEACH. can't wait for summer. your photos are so lovely and relaxing

  3. This might be my favorite post of yours ever...I savored every photo. Have I told you that Darin and I went to Ocracoke wayyyy back a long time ago (spring 2002?) on our big cross country road trip and we fell so in love with it there. The Atlantic Ocean was such a shock to me, lulling, warm, shallow. We were there between Spring break and summer so no one was around. I have memories suspended as if they have no time but a very definite place. Anyway, these photos spark my own memories and set up a dreamworld, you and the kids becoming such a part of that place, an idea that seems so romantic to me. Your mom's gentle gaze on her gorgeous grandbaby. How is Alamae so plump and grown already? And the most mesmerizing of all...you with your chicklets gathered round, Sean snuggling into her sweet baby sister, with the flock of birds behind you. A perfect moment. I love the way you described this time with your mama, what delight.

    1. I think you deserve an award for being the best commenter on the whole internet. I remember that you had mentioned going to Ocracoke before. I feel like that most have been a really great trip-- if you found Ocracoke (which flies a little ways under the radar), you must have hit up all sorts of wonderful places. Thank you for all of the kind words you have sent my way over the years. It means so much to me.

  4. Every one of these pictures is the. Best.