Friday, April 10, 2015

Places // Calvert Cliffs State Park

The kids and I have been living large with my mom at her beach house in North Carolina for the past few days. However, today Sena discovered that it is Friday, not Thursday, and since we're leaving to go home tomorrow, she performed hysterics typically reserved for toddlers. 

She loves Ocracoke. She doesn't  want to leave. It's a feeling I too have experienced, so I should be sympathetic. But I'm not. Because home is good, really good, especially this time of year. We can, for instance, meet friends to play at tire parks and picnic and hike trails. We can enjoy the greening  of our surroundings and look for blooms and buds. 

Yes, Ocracoke and the ocean are wonderful, but spring in Southern Maryland isn't too shabby.


  1. Toddler hysterics! I guess they never really end, do they? I love Sena's dress and her boundless enthusiasm. Also, love that you carry all drinks and snacks in mason jars. I'm going to start doing that too. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Such wonderful photos - I must remind myself that the natural, on-the-go shots can capture something special. Shame about the hysterics, though I'd only be anxious if she was doing it in twenty years time :).