Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mid-Week Hangs

If your friends from New York come to visit your Podunk town, there's no point in trying to wine and dine them because the only decent restaurant around proudly displays a portrait of Ronald Regan AND a Republicans Playing Poker print. Besides, the wines and dines are better in the city anyway.

All you can offer is the things the city can't give: rope swings, grilled food, bonfires, and driftwood forts. And you can spend aimless hours puttering among the yard and porch and beach.  You can watch your kids teach them the beauty of Crossy Roads, and you can discover the joy of iPhone slo-mo video together. You can drink lots of cheap coffee, and you can sing along to the soundtrack of your friendship. But beware: You will likely drink too much and sleep too little.


  1. So many wonderful photos here ... hard to single any one out. Though I like the wildness of the young man on his swing, and the zonked little baby :). The city can't even begin to compete - they will have such glorious free-ing experiences and memories.

  2. I've been relentlessly braggadocious about this trip and everyone has been had the same puppy dog-eyed look of envy and pleading for a chance to be barefoot and do something for free! I was so happy to meet your yummy little Empress Dowager, chitchat on your porch with ya momma n big daughter, whiskey by the fire with the boys, and to eat all your chicken and cheese. Thanks for letting us come over n play :) To quote sweet Gustus, "you're the kind of friends who feel like family" [earnest look]❤️

    1. I guess the big city doesn't do much in the way of barefootedness, huh? I lurb ya. Come play all the time.