Monday, April 6, 2015

This Weekend We // Easter

This weekend we celebrated a risen savior. The holiday reminds us that death will not have the victory, and we celebrate it just as the days grow longer and greener and warmer, just as new life blooms all around us. I need reminders more often than I would like, and sometimes I worry that my faith does not come to me as easily as it should. But yesterday as the sun shone, I remembered the sun arose, and for that, I am so eternally grateful. 


  1. Such lovely photos - happy, relaxed and playful. Sometimes belief might be like that too? Perhaps we don't need to hold too tightly, or fret ...

  2. Looove the photo of your pops!

  3. I've been very distracted this year and not at all tuned in to Easter themes, but I was suddenly caught by the words from Isaiah 25 yesterday, about God swallowing up death forever and wiping the tears from all faces.

    such lovely photos of all your people.