Friday, October 18, 2013

Mama Bear

There are a few things I know I inherited from my mother: my freckles, the bridge of my nose, my fertility, my inability to spell words. There are some things I think/ hope/ like to pretend I inherited from my mother: her generosity, her sense of style/ artistic inclination, her loyalty. But there are a few things I didn't get and I feel a little robbed:  her amazing energy and her complete competence*. The woman can work circles around me, and she never needs a break. I swear I never saw the woman sit except for to eat dinner from birth till I was about 14.
And she can do anything. She somehow always knows just how to get stuff done. She can sew and lay tile, reupholster, landscape. She assembles furniture in record time. I wish I had some of that in me.

This is mostly just to say thanks to my mama who is helping me refinish beds and organize the basement, does loads of my laundry while I'm at work and manages to love up on her grandbabies somethin' fierce all the while.

*Also, I wish I had her hourglass figure. The woman has birthed a lot of kids (I wasn't kidding about that fertility thing)  and still is rocking it.

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