Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wanted/ 02

I've been spending time thinking about what I want for my children,
 in particular what I want them to be, what I hope for them.

Above all else, I want my children to be kind-- 
kind to others, kind to each other, and kind to themselves.

I want my children to be the ones who notice the lonely, the sad, the scared. And I want my children to be the ones to show them kindness, to let them know that they are important and that they are loved. I want them to be kind to the old ones, the young ones,  the scarred ones, the broken ones, the forgotten ones, the ignored ones. I want them to show love and compassion, to bring warmth and joy.

I want my children to be kind to one another. When Gus goes to try to cheer Sena up when she is upset after being punished, and when Sena offers to memorize more Bible verses so Gus will have enough AWANA dollars to buy his prize, I know that they are on the right track, even if sometimes they stumble. I want them to look out for one another, to remember each other, to compliment each other, to hug each other. I want them to always know that they have each other to come to and that their sibling will be there to love them completely and totally.

And I want them to be kind to themselves. I want them to love themselves and appreciate who they are.
I want them treat themselves well, and for them to know that they deserve good things and good people.

They are on the right path, these three people of mine. I hope they never lose their way.


  1. Of those three kinds of kindness you want for your children I lack the last one,
    I have to admit.
    I am quite unkind to myself while I am easily and (for me) naturally kind
    to others, not just humans also other creatures.

    For this reason I like that you recognize and know the importance of kindness
    to ourselves. Especially because (in my opinion parents) are the strong
    role model for their children in that matter.

    I like your post, thank you for sharing.

  2. I completely agree; loving yourself is so hard and seems to only get harder. Man I hope I instill in them the knowledge that they are important and unique and completely deserving of love.