Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkins and Pot Roast

We aren't week night people. The morning comes too early at our house. Weeknights are for family dinner and reading books, wrestling on the floor, maybe a TV show. But we don't do much socializing. most Mondays through Thursday. We never wander far from home. I try to keep my kids under-scheduled so we can enjoy a little peace, a little stillness, at least as much stillness as a wild man and his easily provoked sister can offer.

But this season there hasn't been enough time for all the things that fall brings. We haven't gone to a pumpkin patch, made our way through a corn maze, or ridden on a single wagon. And so I'm desperately trying to add a little last-minute autumnal magic.

Tonight with a little help from a care package from a sweet friend and a few visitors, we had ourselves an almost party. We carved some pumpkins and ate some pot roast and added an October memory into the mix. Plus, there was pie.

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  1. Happy Halloween, Rachel! It looks like you snuck in some festivities after all! Hope you and your family are well!