Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Weekend We

The weekend was full of community theater plays, and thirty-first birthdays.
It was full of pushing formerly electric cars up hills and letting them roll down. 
And it was full of nature walks, nature journals, and colored pencil drawings. 

And in the moments in between, we started packing up forgotten corners of our house- giving away, throwing away, organizing.

And after all that, Tom woke up Sunday in the mood for "spontaneity and adventure,"  so we packed a lunch and headed to the zoo.

And when I think back on this weekend, this exhausting and wonderful spring weekend, I will do everything in my power to erase the memory of our hellacious drive home from Washington DC. I try to like that city, I really do, but boy does it make it ever hard.

P.S. The community theater play was Neil Simon's Rumors and my good ole dad starred it in. And let me tell you, he was pretty funny. One reviewer claimed he was "naturally hilarious." He has a family full of tough women not ready to fully support that claim, not when he's around to hear us at least, but when he's not listening, I just might be honest and agree. 

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