Thursday, March 3, 2016


I'm disappointed (maybe even a little blue) that this project is coming to an end. So disappointed that I decided that next week I'm going to to include purple, which Andrea and Xanthe have left out, disproving my theory that orange is the least appreciated color. 

I tend to look for moments when I'm photographing. It has been good to open my eyes to something different, which is why I'm not quite ready to quite it.

Also, I find blue not all that inspiring. Sure, I love blue skies more than most things, and the ocean brings me unequaled joy, but blue can feel boring. Expected. Bland. It is perfectly fine in most situations, which is precisely why I take exception to it. There is no ugly shade. It's like one of those beautiful people who never had an awkward phase. I just can't trust them.  
 february skies // at the hirshorn I // at the hirshorn II / homemade britches // my next read // uninspired bedroom scenes // tangled up in // sidewalk flashback 

Week 1: Red
Week 2: Yellow
Week 3: Pink
Week 4: Green
Week 5: Orange

Project  from Hulaseventy and Xanthe Berkeley

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  1. love the blue you found... and i know what you mean about something that opens your eyes to see something different. i'm glad you will continue with the project.