Monday, March 7, 2016

This Weekend We // When We Were Dreaming

One Year Round from Rachel Weaver on Vimeo.

This weekend at Becky's farm for book club. Where we slipped in a little bit of birthday celebrating for Alamae (Sunday) and Sena (tomorrow).

Then to Oma and Poppy's for a family dinner and birthday cake.

Today we went to soak in the sun that promises to become a more regular part of our days as winter gives way to spring.


  1. Does Arlo have an adorable little man bun???

  2. You are the queen of movies. (Don't let the fact that I've seen almost no movies detract from this designation.) I can't handle all the beauty and the happiness!

    1. I'll accept any and all compliments, ill informed as they may be.

  3. You are in the most legit bookclub I've ever seen. You guys farm together while bookclubbing? It's amazing. And your video is priceless.