Wednesday, February 24, 2016


For years, when asked what my favorite color is, I have replied, without hesitation, orange. It's warm and weird. The color of fall. And most importantly, the color of me.

I am an orange person, dwelling more towards copper than the citrus fruit, but orange nevertheless. The affinity I feel with sweet potatoes is strange even to myself. I feel that no other living thing is as good a metaphor for me as the yam.

So I was surprised how difficult it has been for me to find orange in the wild. I eat lots of the hue (clementine, roasted carrots, butternut squash). But I don't wear it. I don't decorate with it. And in these stylistically conservative parts, no one else does either. Aside from safety gear and traffic cones, I rarely saw it out and about.

Maybe that is part of it's appeal for me. The fact that it is under-appreciated and underutilized. Ignored at best. Scorned more often than that. I have always had a fondness for the underdog and in the color world, I'm pretty sure that it's orange.
renwick gallery // koi // more renwick // snack bowl // sena's suit // dinner prep
beachfront mosaic // new orleans throw back...because they ain't afraid of no color

Week 1: Red
Week 2: Yellow
Week 3: Pink
Week 4: Green

Project  from Hulaseventy and Xanthe Berkeley


  1. gah! these are such gorgeous oranges! xo

  2. I love this post, Rachel! Such great shots you got! I always used to reply that my favorite color is yellow, but as I've grown older, I realize I love all the colors too much to choose just one!