Monday, March 14, 2016

This Weekend We

Without a doubt, the highlight of this weekend was Sena's birthday sleepover on Friday night. She had three friends spend the night, and we went to the Melting Pot in Annapolis to eat fondue with my mom, sister Claire, and my brother's girlfriend Tracy. While four girls sat on one side of the table giggling as they speared bit and pieces of bread and meat, four women sat on the other side, engaged in slightly less giddy, but still beautiful conversations of our own.

I spend lots of time with my mom and sisters, but there was something about being out and apart from the chaos of home that gave way to spending time with each other in a different way. A way I very much appreciated.

I'm so glad that I invited the other adults because I'm quite certain that if I had been there alone with the four girls, I would have been completely left out, seeing as most of their conversations were about the minutia of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, two series I have never read.  I am glad that we shared the table with those girls, and I hope that Sena always remembers the army of women at her side.

When you homeschool your kids, one of the greatest fears is that they won't have friends. Truthfully, it hasn't always been easy to find the right people for my kids, and I think that all of my sisters would agree that there were times in our own homeschooled experience when we had felt like didn't have the same sort of posse that other kids did. While my children have usually been able to find playmates, there have been periods when they lacked any friends, a word I don't use lightly. But my heart was full and thankful on Friday night when I saw that Sena has some good, true friends. Girls who laughed at her puns and were just as eager to make their own. It did my mother's heart good.

The weekend also involved lots of sun which gave way to huge groups of roaming neighborhood kids, a sure sign of spring.

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