Monday, September 21, 2015

This Weekend We Whirled Wind

This weekend was filled to the brim and didn't leave room enough for all the things I wanted to fill our days with.

I take no pride in being busy. In fact, I try my hardest to eschew it. But there are days that beg to be filled, just as these past few were. Friday was declared a field trip, and we set aside books to drive to Pennsylvania to pick the last of the raspberries and the first of the apples, but most importantly to let Arlo see his best friend who he asks for on more days than not.

Saturday we started the day at Artsfest at Annemarie Gardens, in large part because I wanted to see my friend Jen's booth, Loathsome Lovelies, and to pick up two coloring books I ordered from her.  Our time was cut short when I discovered that Gus had a Saturday soccer game I had missed. Tom met us on the field with Gus's gear, and I watched my boy from the sidelines, containing a newly discovered pride.

I worked Saturday night, then met my parents at church Sunday morning. We had a big family lunch afterwards and then headed back to the soccer field, maybe a bit overdressed, to watch Gus's second soccer game of the weekend. As I try to understand my new role as "soccer mom," it's nice to have family sitting along beside me, cheering for our boy together. Gus scored his first goal, and the joy that overcame his face will not soon be forgotten.

We ended the weekend at our friend's house eating chili and cornbread,  making more plans for the upcoming days.  The next week promises to be just as jam packed-- a farm visit, Brooklyn visitors, and dear friend's wedding-- all of which I am excited about. My lazy bones won't be resting anytime soon. Who wants to say no when saying yes is so much more fun?

Looking at old pictures reminds you how fast kids grow. Those people seem like an entirely different breed. Arlo before he was a blonde, what?

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