Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Weekend We / Apple Orchards

For weeks, we had planned on apple picking on the sixth day of Septemeber. The cool fall has meant for an early apple harvest, and although I will always be a summer girl in my heart, I am excited for all the things that fall brings.

However, yesterday was the first day in over a month that felt like summer, honest to god, sweat while you're standing still summer. So our trip to the apple orchard was quick, *fruitful*, and extra warm.

The littlest boys loved the tractor ride, the medium boy loved engaging in his hunter/gatherer tendencies, and the biggest boys, who may have had more than a little whiskey before we went, mostly loved juggling.

And now we are left with bushels of apple to sauce, cobbler, chip, and munch. The doctor should be kept away for many moons. Recipes for all things apple related welcome in the comments.


  1. Oh man, what a dream-y post in the most real and magical way! These shots are wonderful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to go apple scouring <3

  2. What beautiful photos of you all, and of the apples too ... We liked to core them and stuff the central 'tunnel' that remains with raisins (or dates, or a mixture of any dried fruit) and bake 'em a sprinkle of cinnamon in the winter.

    1. I can't wait to try this later this week. It sounds great and easy and perfect for the weather that feels like it's turning to autumn.