Thursday, September 24, 2015

A New Season

We rang in fall at my friend Becky's farm, putting the kids to work collecting eggs, cleaning the chicken coop, hauling hay clean and dirty. They wandered around the woods, dismantling an old trailer before discovering it was the home of a few angry bees. Kristlyn improvised a game of baseball on the front yard. They threw horseshoes, got covered in chiggers that needed to be scratched off every inch of their little bodies (and I do mean EVERY inch), chased chickens, and crawled all over still tractors.

It was the kind of play and discovery I am most eager for my children to experience. The air was cool, and the meal shared around Becky's table wholesome and delicious. Although Arlo was his most difficult self for most of the day, enjoying perfect weather with friends among roaming hens and trailing beans is as good a way as any to spend a few precious hours. 

1 comment:

  1. great shots. I think once Arlo found out there were no baby animals, he went into protest for a while.