Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Weekend We

The sea nettles have departed and the sunsets earlier. By some measures, autumn is now upon us. 

I'm ready for routine. For a little structure to our days, but I am hesitant to say good bye to my favorite season.  

As Labor Day approached, I regretted not making plans, felt pangs of jealousy realizing that so many of our friends were off on beach side adventures, that there were no get togethers to be had.  But envy gave way to content, as we settled in to a slow weekend, spending hours on our beach, afternoons jumping of my parents' pier. The kids had a sleep over. We collected a furry friend. 

Any sense of missing out was completely erased when my big sister texted me telling me she was driving up from Florida to surprise my mom, a fact she didn't share with me till a few short hours before leaving, knowing that I am no good at keeping secrets. Since she arrived late Sunday night, I have passed off all cooking duties, and have watched as Sena follows her around at a safe distance, fascinated by her artistic, smart, decidedly crazy aunt who she has had too few hours to get to know. I'm taken back to being ten myself, when I followed Whitney in much the same way, wanting to be a teenager too, to wear wild outfits purchased by the bag full from the thrift store. To sneak off with friends and find trouble every way I turned. I took pride in my flamboyant big sister, despite the fact that she wanted little to do with me then. The patience she pours on Sena as she shows her how to use knitting loom or how to properly cook bacon is an echo of the apologies she proffers late at night while we share a beer on my porch.  "I was evil," she laughs. No, not evil, just older, and yet, not old enough. 


  1. As always, glorious photos - and a wistful, wise tone to your words ..

  2. Really lovely post and photos.