Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This Weekend We

I don't think my dad likes it when I post on Brackish Photography instead of posting here. He has a soft spot for Our Buzzards. 

But seeing as the great almighty Google gives preference to websites that update often, and I need that website to be trafficked in a way I don't need this one to, I posted my farm weekend pictures over there. 

I miss this place like a friend I haven't seen in ages. The type who you store up stories for. The type you know you still love even when it has been too long and who once you see, you will fall in to your old rhythm with.

For now, four kids, homeschooling, watching my niece and nephew, running a business, activism, friendships, homemaking and the like take up the bulk of my time. But soon. Soon Alamae and Jettie will need me less. There will be longer pockets where I can sit in stillness to collect my thoughts. I feel them off in the distance. 

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