Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sweet, Slow

The house is as clean as it gets. Tom's playing the banjo. The kids are in the basement building with Legos. There is a pot of chili on the stove, and in a few minutes I'll get up to make corn bread.

Outside, the leaves are blowing and there is so much yard work to do, but the weather lets us put it off again. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

I am only medium good at holidays. Our house only had Halloween decorations because my mom bought them for us last year, and she insisted I put them back up.  I don't make my kids Halloween costumes; they are handed down or store bought. The kids carved pumpkins on Wednesday without any of the proper tools-- no stencils or drills or little tiny saw knives. Their jack-o-lanterns were hacked and completely wonderful. We went trick-or-treating with the neighbors. It was easy and quick and very fruitful.

Tonight we will start Novemeber with a handful of friends, and if the kids want, they might put their costumes back on because, really, there is no reason not to. Meanwhile, they keep sneaking candy, and I pretend not to notice.


  1. What a cute bunch though!. Before I moved to this country I had no idea that you could be "good", or "bad" at holidays. Everything is so homogenous there and at the same time it's a given that people do their own traditions and there's just not as much money for things like decorations. Looks to me like you do Halloween great: kiddos have costumes, vessels for candy. That's plenty, right <3

    1. Before I had kids I didn't know I could be bad at them either. Actually, maybe before I had blogs and Pintrest and Instagram. That's what clued me in. I mean, do you see how awesome some people are at holidays? And as it turns out, good or bad, it certainly was plenty and it was even declared the best ever so that is all I could ever hope for.