Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Scenes Part 1

My honest intention was to buy nothing on Black Friday.  However, the day's purchases did end up including one dozen donuts, a quart of apple cider, and a seven foot tall Douglas Firm. We had planned on chopping down our own tree at my sister's house, but given the fact that it's deer season, we opted instead for the local nursery. On Sunday, when hunters take their day of rest, we might head up there to forage for some greenery, but I was impatient to put up the tree and didn't want to risk being mistaken for prey. 

We listened to David Grisman's Christmas album, and Arlo broke four glass bulbs. Sena and Gus found their yearly ornaments and tried to hide them in the tree's upper branches, out of Arlo's reach. Tom spent no less than twenty minutes carefully tightening the strings on his banjo ornament before he broke one. Then he spent another ten minutes trying to photograph said ornament.  Unfortunately, he shot it vertically, and I pretty much never use vertical shots, so you will have to use your imagination on that account. 

I'm going to try my hardest not to be a giant Scrooge this season. A few weeks ago I was reading through old blog posts, and almost as annoying as my constant mention of exactly how much daylight any given day included, was my passive aggressive moaning about December.  No child wants a spiritless mother. I'm going to try to find a way to take charge of the holiday, not let it consume me as it has in years past.  I'm going to focus on creating some stress free, inexpensive traditions, and maybe, just maybe, come January I won't feel so resentful. Yesterday was a good start. 

In other news, how has my daughter grown so tall? 

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