Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is Known to Be Extreme

The weather has changed, at least for awhile. Maryland weather is fickle though. I'm certain we will have sunshine and warm days dot the rest of autumn.   However, our Sunday excursion required winter coats and hats. Even still, Gus was certain he was getting frost bite.

I used to hate the coming of winter. I hated the shorter days, the darkness. I halfway convinced myself that I suffered from seasonal affective disorder.  But I've had a change of heart. I've started to appreciate the things that colder weather brings. Life slows down, and the nights feel long and peaceful. Projects get started and, sometimes, even completed.  I have learned to appreciate burrowing.

But I think that the only way I can really appreciate all those things is when I keep myself in the fresh air, at least a little bit, when I try to embrace my Danish roots and get outside. Everyone looks better with rosy cheeks after all. They suit me better than a tan.

For the first time the big kids brought their bikes. Sena had a very difficult time learning to ride a bike. Like her mother, she isn't in possession of a great deal of balance or agility. The skill was hard won, and therefore, even sweeter once mastered.

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