Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Weekend We / Lantern Parade

On Saturday night we drove to Baltimore for another edition of our friends' gonna be an annual Lantern Party Parade. This is the second year (last year), so that makes it a tradition, right?

The costumes were a little tricky this year. We knew Arlo wasn't going to wear the shark costume that my mom bought him because he finds it absolutely terrifying. I thought that I might be able to finagle a clothing based costume. Working with clothing we already had and ideas that didn't require make-up since we were coming straight from a wedding, we decided on lumberjacks. Gus was especially excited because it meant he got to carry around an axle. Arlo, however, proved to be difficult again; a lumberjack who refuses to wear his hat and suspenders is really just a boy in a flannel. Since the rest of the family was in a theme, Sena decided to re-envision her colonial costume and brand herself as a lumberjack's daughter.

Regardless, the parade was pretty great, even if I spent most of the time on the fringes playing spot the dogs with Arlo. He finds little furry creatures far more exciting than drum lines and stilters. Baltimore isn't my city, and is never having been, but I definitely have a soft spot for it. It's fun to parade with friends who do claim the city as their own, with their Natty Bo, John Waters, and blue crab lanterns.

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