Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Sister Married

My little sister got married this weekend. It was equal parts beautiful and stressful.

When I first started watching my sister Claire plan her wedding, I was afraid the jealousy beast might rear her ugly head, and that I might find myself wishing that I had celebrated my marriage with a bit more fanfare. As the months dragged on and the pressure mounted, I discovered that I was in no way jealous. Actually, I feel pretty smug for getting married without putting myself through that whole ordeal.

Claire and Andrew had a beautiful wedding. Beautiful. And I wish my sister and her new groom peace and happiness. I love them both with my whole heart, and I am eager to see them settle into this new stage of their life together.

As is so often the case at events like this, I didn't manage to capture many moments.  Maybe I'll poach some from the photographer if I ever get my hands on them. My children made me so overwhelmingly proud that day that I can only assume there were a few snaps capturing their joy. I think it's quite possible that Sena and Gus had the best time of any guests there.

And if it's not too much to send in a wish on my own behalf, I'm ready for autumn to take a slower, steadier rhythm now.

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