Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Crannies and Corners / 01

I feel like most of my energy, my obsessing, my wanting is directed at this house of ours. There are so many things I want to do, to buy, to make. I'm spending too many hours pining and pinning, wanting and wishing, but meanwhile, slowly, corner by corner, this house of ours is feeling special.
I want to remember each project and each triumph.
This house will change and be re-envisioned, but I want to remember it as it is now. So I'm hoping each week to stop a capture the different spaces, the places where we read and wrestle, play with dinosaurs and play with each other.

I know I shouldn't love things so much, but I can't help but love the baby print that hung at my parents' house my entire childhood, and I love the ceramic chicken my best friend bought for me half a dozen Christmases ago. I love those blue bottles I bought on my first house hunting antique trip with Sena growing in my belly. I love them because they are reminders of the life I've lived, the life I am living. They are souvenirs from moments I don't want to forget.


  1. I love that first photograph - absolutely beautiful. It's so pretty, but still so homey :)

  2. Thanks so much. It's so fun trying to make each space, my space, our space.

  3. I like the chicken!