Monday, September 16, 2013

This Weekend We- Warmed Our House/ Celebrated Tom

We spent our morning raking leaves and moving plants, marinating pork loins and chicken thighs, getting ready for friends to come warm our new home and celebrate with our birthday boy. And the people came from far and from wide, old friends visiting from Switzerland, a new friend just moved from Portugal.
We utilized some rum, and we fired up our new grill. We spoked pipes and attacked children. We danced partied promptly at 10 at Sena's command.

Minutes after Gus finished jumping off the stairs, he was ready to pack it in for the night. 
Sena is a whole other story. She wants to sit and hear stories, tell jokes, and keep dancing.
When I finally made this little girl call it quits at 12:30, she oozed bitterness. 
This girl loves a party and hates a bedtime. 

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