Monday, September 9, 2013

This Weekend We- Friday Night Farmer's Market

I didn't mean to stay in Calvert County. I didn't intend to live in my hometown forever. I didn't realize that my adventures would have fingers and toes and would crawl into my bed at night, and that my passport would collect dust rather than stamps.
For years I dreamed of leaving, of packing my family and going. Somewhere exotic or somewhere urban.
But I've grown content.
I have settled, and I like it.
This Friday, like most Fridays, we walked down to the farmer's market. We bought produce and jalapeno smoked cheddar, kettle corn and flowers. The kids played on the pirate ship and danced to old time music. I ran into high school friends and neighbors and people from church, all along the edges of my favorite brackish water.

No, I didn't mean to stay here, but I was meant to. 


  1. It sounds like you love where you live and I think that is so important. There will be time for that travel one day. x

    1. I'm just trying to embrace this time, enjoy my moments exactly where I am.

  2. Looks pretty lovely to me... There is no place like home.