Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Retrospective #1

In the hustle and chaos and excitement of moving. there were lots of beautiful weeks, days, moments captured but not shared. Moments I loved completely and want to hold on to. So the next few days I'm going to let myself linger in them, look back over them, and give them a few words to make them last longer.

Oh Ocracoke, I love you. I love the surf and the sand, sticky kids and my chubby boy sleeping on my beautiful mama. I love our summertime friends and our row of beach cars. I love Mrs. Kathy's snacks and the years of so many boys and just my one, smiling daughter in their midst. And I love that this year another girl was added to our beach tribe, just in time for Arlo to fall in love with her.
I love the beach when it is peaceful and when it is chaotic. And I love it most for it always being there, awaiting our return.

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