Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Weekend We

Life is moving so quickly and so beautifully, and there are so many words and images and moments I want to share, but it is all moving fast, too fast.
Last weekend we filled our new house up with family of every variety: mamas, papas, grandmas, aunts,  uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins. Filling our new home with the people we love so dearly, so deeply, made it even more ours.

It felt so sweet and joyful. We introduced our littlest man to lots of family he had yet to meet (Josh and Veronica we missed you instantly), and we showed off our wonky old/ new cottage to family who hadn't seen it's imperfect glory. There was lots of porch sitting and beach visiting and food eating and diet soda drinking. And it was good, really good.

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