Monday, August 26, 2013

Fishin' Lessons

There are reasons upon reasons why I'm convinced we were supposed to raise our children in tribes, why we were supposed to have a crowd of people to love our children, teach our children, protect our children. Some of the reasons are deeply profound and others are wonderfully simple. The tribe will teach them to fish, even when the parents were never much for bait and lures. 

There's so much those other grown ups can teach my little people, things my heart doesn't love, things my hands don't know how to do.

Gus wears his lucky hat, caches us dinner, and tells tales of ones that got away. Thank you Josh and Steve and Andrew. Thanks for being a part of my kids' tribe and for not just givin' them a fish.


  1. Claire, it looks like you were wearing a fake red beard but it came unglued at the bottom.

  2. Tom you are a jerk but also kinda right