Saturday, September 3, 2016

Heading Home

It's been a slow reentry into real life after two full weeks at the beach. Made even slower by the fact that we had a small kitchen fire, with little actual fire damage, but a significant amount of smoke damage. My plans to return home and get cooking have been halted until we get a new range and hood. I've had to stay out of the house with the kids as a crew did a pretty lack luster job cleaning.

Even still, it's relatively easy to find the silver lining in the situation. No one was hurt. The damage was minimal. I get a new appliance when the old one was nearing the end of it's line. And I'm using the opportunity to give the house a refresh. That being said, it's made it impossible to return to any sort of routine.

The trip between home and Ocracoke, while long, has become so routine that it was ceased to feel like an adevnture of any sort. But last Sunday, we had lots of hours to kill on our slow wind up the coast because I had an appointment to take pictures in Norfolk in the evening. (Which turned out beautifully. I would love for you to go check them out on my photography website: Brackish Photography.)

We stopped for long meals and to take pictures of things that caught our attention. I showed there where I used to vacation as a kid. We pulled over to stretch our legs at a public beach. We listened to lots of podcasts and felt creative and inspired. It was one of my best drives north that I've ever had.


  1. Well, I've been to have a look and the Norfolk photos are indeed wonderful. Mind you, these are too. So atmospheric, especially the costal ones ... So sorry to read about the fire and hope some rhythm returns to your life soon.

  2. oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the fire!

    I've been admiring Alamae's little dresses in your photos. Do you make them? They're so simple and smart.