Friday, September 16, 2016

Evergreen Through Sena's Eyes

On Sunday afternoons after church, Sena and I drive to Annapolis to work at Evergreen Antiques, the antique shop my friend Joanna bough earlier this summer. Sena dusts and polishes silver. She walks across the street to City Dock to get us iced coffees and Jamaican tea. When there are lulls, she goes walking around Maryland Avenue. Sometimes Geoffrey, Joanna's husband, takes her to go get a milkshake on Main Street. It's a sweet way to pass the afternoon, as I help ring up costumers or price clip on earrings.

On Tuesday, the shop had its grand re-opening, complete with a ribbon cutting with the handsome, young mayor, a bossa nova guitar player, and bottles and bottles of champagne.  I stayed behind the counter most of the evening, while Sena wandered around with my camera, snapping away at her favorite bits and pieces.

I like Sena in that world. She's sweet and helpful and incredibly adorable. She wears her vintage dresses and helps me make videos of the shop. It is a damn fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 


  1. I'll have to stop by! I work on State Circle.

  2. So sweet! I love these, Sena!! Best. Intern. Ever.❤️

  3. Sena, you really captured the day! That little tongue poking out of her mouth as she cut the ribbon is priceless and I just know it was a very happy day :) You have rare style and elegance for someone of your age. I know your momma is so proud and she has every cause to be!

  4. wow, great photos! The talent must run in the family :) That shop looks great, too, and I've always heard that Annapolis is fun to visit.