Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Abigail's Bridal Shower

In November my youngest sister Abby is getting married. On Saturday, on a warm, beautiful evening, my mom and aunt threw her a bridal shower with all the causal elegance that they always manage to evoke despite their amazingly busy lives these days. 

I showed up moments before the official start time and was of very little assistance.  I had spent the previous two nights out of town shooting my first wedding, having spent the whole day prior behind the lens, I did a lackluster job for Abby's shower. 

Everything was beautiful, sweet, and simple. All the details covered while still feeling effortless. Wine and lemon water. Caesar salad and the most delicious lasagnas from Giolitti's in Annapolis. Pound cake, strawberries and short bread cookies. And lots of babies.

It's hard to image my youngest sister married. Abigail, a text book "baby of the family," in a role that I have learned over the years carries far more weight than most of us realize when we stand to say "I do." 

I am excited for November, to watch her exchange her vows in the church my mother and aunts grew up in. To dance and toast and celebrate. To see her in all her beauty taking on a big, beautiful new role.

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  1. i love all of these but the picture of Laurie and Geneva has to go in a frame. what a natural beautiful shot