Monday, September 26, 2016

At a Cross Roads

Last night I sat down to write a break-up letter to this space, to tell it I was leaving to go pursue something more practical. When I started my photography business in the spring, I started a separate blog on the Brackish website, and I have some vague notion that I'm supposed to be spending more energy on it because it helps with SEO and Google ranking. Keeping up two blogs feels a little silly, and the idea of drawing a line between the me of this blog and the me of that blog seems a bit arbitrary.

I thought the solution was to retire Our Buzzards, to start writing on my photography site more.

But that idea made me sad.

Coming here to write and share in this space has brought me happiness. `While the internet gets criticized for sucking people in and distracting them from the present, I feel that knowing that I wanted to come and write forced me to stay present. It gave me a reason to pay attention.

I know I could do all of that in a different space. I know that no matter what house we live in, my family will remain basically the same. But I love this house, this space. Even if it is just a janky old blogspot address.

I'm not saying good bye. Not yet at least. Thinking this all through and spending too long rereading old posts has actually given me a renewed interest in keeping up on things over here.


  1. Oh, please keep up writing at this janky old blogspot address! (So long as you're enjoying it, that is). I check in often. You helped me tremendously last year with all my homeschooling questions. Thanks to you, we're happily homeschooling our daughter and son (and we've added a third to the mix. And, because of the craziness that is three kids, the work required to homeschool, and your blog, I'm now a reformed perfectionist!). Glad you're keeping up writing here for now. : )

    1. Man, that makes me so happy to hear. I want to hear all about it. Send me an email sometime if you have a chance. Have you found a community up there? How has your extended family adjusted? And congratulations on #3!!

  2. Thanks for your congratulations, Rachel. You're so sweet to be interested...we have found a large homeschool community only 20 minutes away (we didn't know they existed, but found out about them through word of mouth), after seeing how happy our children are and because our daughter has managed to remain a grade ahead, our extended family now applauds our choice, and we now have some friends at our place of worship who also homeschool. Things have worked out beautifully. I really am grateful to kind people like you who are generous with their time. I paraphrase you often when you said you think children are born curious and bright and our job is just to not to screw it up. Thank you again for answering all my questions and for "putting it out there" with your blog and photography business. I wish you all the best!