Thursday, July 28, 2016

One Week in Summer

This week we have filled baby pools and squirt guns. Made forts and jumped on mattresses. Driven to Baltimore for broken lenses, lunch dates, and tiny bits of shopping. We have spent evenings on the beach, but days mostly at the pool. The kids have played with my cousins', last night in my grandma's yard.

This week I've waited tables twice, shot five photo sessions, and spent an afternoon at Joanna's antique shop

I'm happier than I am tired, but make no mistake, I am tired. 

*Heather does a beautiful job of chronicling one week of her summer every year. I had wanted to do the same, but instead, it's just a jumble of pictures with a few hastily formed lines. Maybe next week. 

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  1. gorgeous days. i love how even the baby has a beautiful tan glow.