Friday, July 22, 2016

Day Dates

It had been way, way too long since Arlo had seen his best friend. Since Halloween, to be exact. But despite months of not seeing one another, these two boys still know the drill. They talk about each other. Keep each other in their wild, little boy hearts. It's beautiful and a little perplexing. How do they remember each other so well despite so much distance, despite so much time passing? But somehow they do. 

On Tuesday it took a little while for Arlo to warm up to the pool. He has never worn swim wings or floaties, and watching his friend fearlessly jump into the water with his life vest on intimidated Arlo. He played with Felix's toys "on the lan" for a couple hours before finally venturing in. It always takes him a while to realize that he can stand in the water. 

As usual, it wasn't enough time. As usual, I wish that I got to see my friend more often. I wish that our boys got to grow up seeing each other day in and day out. But love and friendship don't need proximity, as it turns out. Two hours and state lines won't dissuade us. 

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  1. Arlo has viking in his blood (what a hunk of Thor) and Alamae passed out all squished into her life vest cracked me up!