Monday, February 8, 2016

This Weekend We // Extraordinarily Uneventful

This weekend Tom and Gus went camping with the boys, and I picked up an extra pre-teen and, for long stretches, another baby too. On Friday, I watched an embarrassing number of episodes of Jane the Virgin, while alternating holding Alamae and Jettie. I accepted that all I could manage was to keep them happy and fed; nothing else was going to get accomplished. It was liberating in it's own right. I gave myself a pass on housework, laundry and cooking, and leaned into as best I could. However, that many hours of inactivity is a little depressing.  Luckily, falling asleep flanked by baby girls more than made up for the boredom of the day.

On Saturday, we spent time bundled up outdoors, enjoying the sunshine and the acquisition of pink noses. Later, we got soup and grilled cheeses from the local foods food truck. That evening I went to work and made more money than I have since summer, which means I get to have completely guilt free expensive groceries in the house.

While ordinarily I could not care any less about the Superbowl, this year I cared the slightest bit more because Robert McClain who plays for the Panthers, graduated from the high school where I taught for eight years. I used the game as an excuse to make nachos and fry oysters at my parents house (we don't have regular television at our house so we had no way to watch it, which we discovered last year when we had the passing thought that maybe we should turn it on). I watched for maybe two minutes, which was just enough time to spot #27 and call it a day.

Lazy, slow weekends are good to throw in the mix, even if they do leave me pining to make more exciting plans in the near future.