Wednesday, February 17, 2016


During these last weeks of winter, I find myself angry with green, silently smoldering over her absence. I resent that she has abandoned us with dead grass and barren trees.

Even my house plants have had a terrible winter. A mass genocide, most likely due to Mildred the cat, has occurred claiming nearly a dozen lives.

But the strength of my feelings are a testament to my love.

I am so excited to see her return. To find shoots and buds. To be enveloped in her goodness once again.
sidewalk scenes // oma's study // lichen is my favorite color // candelabra // sunrise garden mosaic // watering // flying saucer // leaning fiddle leaf

Week 1: Red
Week 2: Yellow
Week 3: Pink

Project  from Hulaseventy and Xanthe Berkeley

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  1. Hooray for green! I'm loving your photography, lady!