Sunday, February 8, 2015

Slow Sunday

Today it was warm.

Tom worked inside with windows open. I read my book on the screened porch. Our children were eight hours away playing on an even warmer winter beach with their Oma.

Today was productive, and it was lazy. It was boring, and it was satisfying.

Tom and I ducked in and out of antique stores. We wandered among sailboats. We talked about what it would be like to be adults without children, just as we do every time the kids go away.  We discussed it as though it was a complete novelty.

We discussed the possibility of Gus having been switched at birth. We worried about our actual biological child being raised among beautiful, blonde athletes- kind, earnest, beautiful athletes, likely bewildered by our son's single dark eyebrow and confounding sense of humor. We hope that they love him as much as we love our switched offspring. We wish we were allowed to have both boys as our own.

I spent hours making dinner, never once interrupted to referee a disagreement or to change a diaper. I never organized the sock hamper as I have been trying to get myself to do for weeks. There is no sense of urgency guiding my moments. I drank gallons of red raspberry leaf tea, gently encouraging my uterus to please, please not hold on to this baby for weeks after the due date. My uterus is the only part of my body that is not punctual.

Today was slow, and it felt like spring, and it hummed with good things on the horizon.


  1. Sounds lovely. The lazy afternoon....not the days passing by as your due date passes - I know all too well what that is like! Both of my babies were late. I too had a luxurious languid weekend, my husband and I were able to stay away for three nights. Most of all, I noticed the quiet, my kids talk over each other and over was nice to be able to watch my husband's eyes as we spoke - instead of the normally hurried gambit that passes as conversation between us. Good luck, hope baby comes on time.

  2. I have a hunch all fluids in my body have been replaced with raspberry leaf tea at this point.

  3. This whole post has the essence of peacefulness about it, and made me smile. :)