Wednesday, February 4, 2015


On Sunday after my baby shower, Sena loaded up my van with all the gifts we had just been given without any instruction from me. When we got home, she dutifully carried everything in and then even went a step further; she carried everything upstairs and set off folding and organizing and giving each new piece a proper home.

Today at work they threw me another shower, which warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. After this baby is born, I won't be going back to work. It's hard to think about not seeing so many people who I have seen every school day for the past eight years, people I like, respect, and admire. It is the only high school I have ever known as a teacher or a student. It is a warm, comfortable, fun place, and I am so glad that I got to teach there for so many years. I have so many thoughts about leaving and what it means, but I can't even fully come to terms with them yet because, like Sena, who is upstairs putting away today's booty, I am so focused and excited about Alamae's approaching arrival. It is too hard to think about all the changes coming my way and what they all mean. Instead, I'll just dwell on the picture of my almost ten year old daughter. A child who is many wonderful things, but not usually "helpful." However, as we prepare for her sister, she is eager to do anything she can. She jumps at my requests, never balking or stalling or acting the least bit put out. A maturity is taking over her. I can't even imagine all the ways that this new little person headed our way is going to change us all.

These next three to five weeks are always the longest. And the closer I get to the finish line, the longer they will become. Is that physics or something?


  1. I was ten when my baby brother Joey was born. I will never forget being home with my siblings getting the call from my dad that he was here. I was shaking with joy. I was his second mama, rocked him to sleep most nights, fed him bottles and played with him, shared a room with him for awhile, I couldn't imagine life without him from ten on, and we are best of friends now. I am excited for Sena, and I am excited for you too, to have such a good little helper in her own light. What a blossom she is. What days approach!

  2. It's like you got to peek into her future to see what she'll be like when she's independent of the family without having to actually fledge her from the nest! What a great week.

  3. Dear Sena,
    I love you! I always wanted a daughter and if I had been blessed with one I'd have wanted her to be just like you!

    1. We can share her- not a full 50 /50 split or anything, but I'll let you have a few bits. You have inspired her to spend lots of time dancing as of late.