Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sleepover Mayhem

Some things manage to be both simple and incredibly chaotic. That might be the very reason people plan, trading simplicity for order. Gus's sleepover consisted of: a dozen kids, lots of pizza, a few homemade decorations that Sena and Gus put together at the last minute, absolutely not one single planned activity, and moments of mayhem.

Kids ran around wielding weapons, donned in dress up clothes, spanning almost ten years in age. As it turns out, they don't seem to miss party games or crafts or any of the other things we try to enforce. They just want to run up and down the stairs, making way too much noise. Arlo tried his best to keep up, but was always the last one up from the basement, the last one to make it to the table for food. He fell asleep piled in the middle of them all, watching a movie in the basement. That basement, by the way, is invaluable--a place to banish kids when carnival head starts kicking in, and I feel my sanity is waning. 

The next day after donuts, sausages, grapes and orange juice, the guests all headed back to their respective homes, and I was left with three sleepy kids, an impending snow storm, and an impatient heart. Where are you spring? When will you be here baby girl number two? 


  1. What a lively set of photos - lots of energy! You have my admiration for masterminding this so close se to your little one's birth.

  2. Ha! You're brave, I think I had eight kids for a sleepover a few years ago, still awake at midnight, one of them crying by that stage....nowadays the babes are only allowed a couple over at a time for sleepovers. And I agree, a break out room where they can coccoon and rambunctiousness is a must!