Monday, July 14, 2014

This Weekend We- Friday Night Framer's Market

For a few short hours on Friday evening, we were a family of five: the hours between Sena returning from camp and us leaving Tom behind when we left for Ocracoke.

We spent the hours at the North Beach Farmer's Market and Car Show, the best thing happening round our parts on a Friday.  Part market, part town party, complete with paper plate kite making and s'mores. We decided against the kettle corn line and went for Rita's instead. I didn't bother picking up our normal supplies since was leaving with my mom in an already packed truck the next morning.

Now, the kids and I are enjoying salt air and lots of ocean time, while missing Tom who won't make it down here for at least two weeks. When we get back to Maryland a month from now, we'll return to our normal Friday night tradition, I'm certain, just as apples begin to replace melons and the sun starts setting earlier.

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  1. This makes me sad cause technically my summer with you is over...and I'm not ready for apples.