Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Favorite Things: 01

Sometimes when we say something is a guilty pleasure, we just mean that we like something that isn't very cool. I think we most often mean "Embarrassing Pleasures."

This is not an embarrassing pleasure because how could I be embarrassed by this-- it's cool, really cool, I'm certain even all the cool people would agree. However, it is actually guilt inducing. I spent way too much money on it in a brief moment that I thought for some confusing reason that we had the extra money to spare. We did not. However, considering that the shipping was half the cost, there is no sending her back, and so I get to enjoy her, even if the guilt remains.

Design coffee table books are one of my new favorite things. Until we put an offer on our house last January, I didn't really care about decorating much. However, in the past year it has become something of a problem. An actual problem.  I get envious of other people's homes and it makes me want things I can't have. I don't want to be jealous or materialistic or financially irresponsible, all of which are frequent symptoms of my Pintrest/ DesignSponge binges.

Regardless, I love flipping through design/ decorating books. And this one is possibly my all-time favorite. Now if only Arlo would stop trying to force me into being a decent mother when all I want to do is stare at the pretty rooms. Pretty rooms, that I might add, somehow don't make me feel all the same unpleasant jealous reactions I sometimes experience. Something about these homes and spaces make me feel good, make it easier for me to look around my own house with a fresh set of eyes and feel as though I might have actually created the type of space I had been hoping for.

So if you are in the market for a really good coffee table book and you either a) have the money to spare or b) accidentally think you have the money to spare, maybe you want to go buy Spaces by Frankie Magazine.

Sena might love this book even more than me. She spends hours pouring of the pictures. Have I mentioned how cool I think that kid is? 


  1. I love when Sena comes over and says things like "I really love the colors you've chosen for this room...they're really smart." (direct quote.)

  2. Oh that book looks sweet! I'm not really into design, or coffee table books, but that image is so beguiling.