Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Girl

While Gus seems like he came from neither of us, like he may have been switched at birth, every single one of Sena's actions, interests, and personality traits is easily traced back to me or to Tom.

If we had only had Sena, I think I would have been under the mistaken impression that children are perfect blends of their parents. That child is so completely our child that sometimes it is borderline painful. I watch her and I see myself and I see my husband, and sometimes I forget to see Sena. And then her shy smile creeps across her face, and I see her again, my girl who loves to dance and to eat weird food, who can be teased easily and who is always trying to find a way to make a pun.

She is confident and bossy, like her mother, but with a touch of shyness she gets from Tom. She doesn't complain. She makes the most of everything. She jumps in, with both feet, every single time.

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