Monday, June 3, 2013

This Weekend We Didn't

This weekend we didn't close on the house as planned, and we didn't move into our new home.
But we did go over to visit the new house and rake leaves and pull weeds and prune bushes.
And we did get to see my best friend in this whole wide world who came down from Brooklyn. We showed her the new place and walked to our new beach. We waded into the water that never gets deep, and she showed a New Englander how to suck the nectar from a honey suckle.
And we did go back to my parent's house to grill steaks and drink gin and enjoy a magical late afternoon with friends.

And then Tom and I drove our New York visitors to their bus stop, and I was sad my best friend lives far away, and I was sad we didn't get into our new house, and I was tired and sore from yard work. That's the problem with magical afternoons; magic can't be reality. But it sure is nice while it lasts. 

Thanks Joanna for the picture of my little shark. 

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