Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Wonders

A morning spent dressing and undressing, throwing layers in the dryer to be ready for yet another round of snowy exploration  And though the grass peaked out from the light layer, it didn't stop my kids from spending hours trying desperately to make a snowball out of something that simply would not cooperate.

And when the cold bit just a little too hard, there was hot chocolate and grilled cheeses ready and waiting.


I'm not sure that there is anything as delightful as unexpected snowy mornings.


  1. i love snow days, i wish i lived in a place that got snow. i think grilled cheese and hot chocolate is totally appropriate for an after snow day playtime

    1. I like the snow, but all the non-snow cold, gray days can be a bit much. Too bad we didn't have tomato soup to throw in the mix:)

  2. Pretty pictures! Our snow is all gone and left a giant mud puddle in its place. Boo!