Friday, January 11, 2013

Sena's First Cake

After making Arlo several one month birthday cards, Sena felt that Arlo's first month of l
ife deserved a cake as celebration. She figured if I ate the cake, it would make it's way to Arlo eventually.  My little lady bug is always looking for an excuse to celebrate, 
and you can't celebrate without cake.

We decided that she should make the cake on her own for the first time, 
so she followed the recipe all by herself. It may have only been a box cake, but you have to start somewhere, and what a deliciously perfect first baking attempt it was.

My little girl sure is a good big sister to her two little brothers,
 a mighty fine card maker, and quite the budding chef. 
Also, I love a girl who is always lookin for the party.

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