Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Weekend We-- The Language of Flowers

It was divide and conquer. Big kids with dad, Arlo with mama.
While Tom took Sena and Gus swimming at the indoor pool, Arlo attended his very first book club.
He is very literary, my boy, though he didn't contribute much to the discussion.
Book club was at my friend's cave, an amazing subterranean house filled to the brim with whimsy and wackiness, trinkets and treasures.

Wine and women.
Cats and clothing exchanges.
An all around perfect way to spend a Saturday.


  1. what a cozy and perfect book club. i love your friend's house and especially her dia de los muertos decorations. and your handsome little bundle just chilling out....all my favorite things together in one gathering, yay!!!

    1. Her cave is so good. And I highly recommend The Language of Flowers, such a good read.