Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Tribe

Asenath Rose

A girl who knows that nerdy boys are the best boys, and  who loves Georgia O'Keeffe. Who likes to order the weirdest food on the menu and spends hours drawing pictures and making cards. Who is full of so much imagination and wisdom and more than a little wackiness.


A boy as wild as he is kind. Who loves deeply and completely. Who likes to wrestle every night and then to fall asleep on his mama's arm. Who says the best prayers you've ever heard and compliments old ladies at weddings before heading to the dance floor.


 The mellowest baby you ever did see, who barley kicked in utero, moving only when necessary and always with the upmost concern for his mother's comfort. Who is so very reasonable and who is predicted by his poppy to be infinitely confident and self-assured. Who is good as gold and makes his mama happy as can be.

This little/ not so little family of mine, I sure am glad to have them.

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