Monday, May 23, 2016

This Weekend We

It started with the farmer's market on Friday, and an attempt at a carnival re-do. Gus asked to use his own money to buy a wristband, but then managed to charm my parents into buying wristbands for him and Sena. However, the Friday night lines were nothing like the ones we encountered on Wednesday, so they were hardly able to put their wristbands to use.

Meanwhile, my parents and I entertained Alamae, Arlo, and Jettie on the beach. In all the hustle and bustle of the evening, I never actuallu checked out the farmer's market. I used to try to get serious shopping done while I was down there. However, the crowds made it nearly impossible. Now I do almost all of my shopping at Chesapeake's Bounty, which I wax euphoric about all too often. Although there are a few farmer's I miss buying from directly, I'm very happy to have a place open all year long and one that is open all week long. 

Saturday was rainy, and mostly uneventful. We cleaned the house in preparation for a potluck on Sunday, and then I worked Saturday night. 

Today I sit here with my money spent, in a house littered with party aftermath. Happy to look at pictures and remember a time only a few hours ago.

Gatherings at my house are made of mess and chaos. Children run in and out, followed by adults making sure that they stay where they are supposed to. Dirty shoes are left at the front door, except when they aren't. There is always wrestling. 

It's too loud, and toys are underfoot.

People gravitate towards the porches where things are often quieter. Still.

For this party, I made the most beautiful pickled devil eggs from Food with Friends. The cookbook is so very pretty, but unfortunately most of the recipes are fussier than my usual taste. I'm not sure that i will be making too many of them. But these eggs are pretty certain to make appearances wheneverI want to show off a little.
I have a hard time taking out my camera at parties. There is so much going on, and I think it is far more important to be making drinks than I think it is to be snapping away. But I still always wish there were more pictures. So I was grateful that Tom took over the camera, and then I was even more grateful when my friend took it over from him. Most of these pictures were taken by the two of them.

Kristine took these pictures of Alamae. There are a half dozen others. And I love them all. S thanks, Kristine. 


  1. Your weekend started at my house where I distinctly remember lecturing you on how I'm NEVER mentioned in this damn blog.

    1. you're getting your own post, silly rabbit.